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It's time to make your picks
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Posted by dmz |27 days ago
Patriots,Oregon Tops!
Posted by JACKWEST |1 month ago
See ya on the golf course!!!!!!
Posted by michellemetevier |1 month ago
Not done yet jack west
Posted by JACKWEST |1 month ago
Although I finished only 27th on the Leaderboard, I still finished way ahead of "Capncrash, Leonard 69, Topgun 23, Noleman 1, Irishmen, frostysbadboys, Go Kings Go, albymetevier," etc., etc., etc.!!!!!! I've become a legend of my own time and am certainly recognized as one of the all time greats!!!!!!
Posted by michellemetevier |1 month ago
seattle, patriots
Posted by albymetevier |1 month ago
Florida State is the Best!!! They are undefeated and it is not about how bad you beat teams, it is about wins and losses, end of story!
Posted by cover2 |1 month ago
I've said for years, when it goes to a playoff system, now Oregon is my pick ! Amazing
how the committee made it a point to put Oregon 2/3 so could play in Rose-semi
UO should of went to #1 when bama beat miss st.....but would not please tn of roses !!
Posted by s. lee |1 month ago
Oregon 44 fsu 13
Posted by s. lee |2 months ago
in your dreams..
Posted by albymetevier |2 months ago
Florida state will stay undefeated and.will beat Alabama in a bowl watch!