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Posted by s. lee |6 months ago
hornacek fired on 1-31-2016. not his fault with 3 key players hurt and morris who does not to play here......
Posted by desertdogs |3 years ago
No one cares about the Bulls dnewsh. Take that back to Chicago. Agreed arizona82airborne... can't stand I d i o t s from other states.
Posted by s. lee |3 years ago
another loss against miami tonight wow the 3 million dollar man DUDLEY stinks new nickname for him BRICKS
Posted by KingLudwig |3 years ago
i wish everyone that came from somewhere else would move back
Posted by godux |3 years ago
Phoenix is at the point they are better of with a lottery pick than getting to 42-40 for the season. They had a nice ride of success and, and if the franchise is on the ball, they will again. This is measurement time for the owner and GM.
Posted by s. lee |4 years ago
phx stinks... no tickets for me this year!!!!
Posted by dnewsh |5 years ago
GO BULLS !! Do you realize the BULLS are more games OVER 500 than the Suns have wins . 2 for 18, I guess if you live by the sword ,you die by the sword. The Suns did play some defense, after all they cut the 26 point deficit down to 25. I have to decide what to do about Wed.,do I root for the Suns so the BULLS get # 1 or just let the Spurs pound the Suns by 30 . Of course it will depend on what happens Tue.